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The talent we bring to the table, that’s the LM IT's difference.

Professional Consultants

The resourcing agility you need.

Drawing on our extensive talent network, we provide immediate access to consultants who have the required skills, industry background and project experience to support your initiative.

Proactive Recruiting

We build relationships with experts with in-demand skills.

Global Network

A network of 56,000+ professionals across the globe.

Ready to Work

All consultants are vetted, pre-screened and ready to go.

Benefit from our experience and proactive recruiting power.

Since 1984, Oxford’s recruiting approach has set us apart from our competitors. Our clients turn to us when time and quality are the top priorities, knowing we have an extensive network of seasoned consultants who are ready to go to work.

We begin by connecting with the most highly skilled and hard-to-find talent through personal referrals and references. Through our careful vetting process, we source and pre-qualify candidates, so when you have a project requiring in-demand skill sets, we are able to rapidly respond.

Create the bench of experts that’s right for you.

You define and determine the team you want. We match you with the right mix of experts to achieve your goals.

Too often, projects stall while managers recruit new team members. Oxford provides access to highly qualified professionals with a proven ability to deliver.

Through our global network, you can rapidly scale your team to meet specific project needs and reach critical deadlines.

More than a turnkey solution, we partner with you to offer individual consultants or full project teams that address the unique needs of your business objectives.

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Are you in need of in-demand talent?