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Microsoft Dynamics AX Admin Workshop

The technical experts at LM IT Solutions can help you get the most from your investment by making sure your IT professionals best understand how to maintain each of the components in a Dynamics AX environment. A Microsoft Dynamics AX Admin Workshop will help you learn how to best manage your Dynamics AX environment, understand best practices for installation, configuration, managing and troubleshooting your Dynamics AX deployment.

A LM IT Solutions technical consultant will conduct an Admin Workshop on location for the relevant roles on the implementation and project team. The topics covered will give you the information on best practices for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the key configuration settings in Dynamics AX
  • Learn how to configure security to best fit your organization’s needs
  • Understand some of the tools available to help you troubleshoot issues

Schedule a Dynamics AX Admin Workshop for your company.